There are a lot of guiding companies out there from large companies with huge guide rosters to one-man shows. Do you go with a large guiding company that has the resources to run your trip properly or with the small one-guide outfit that will show you the personal attention you want. The answer is… “yes”. At Diamond State Outdoors we bridge the gap between the two. We are a large enough guiding company with all the resources and experience to run top-notch logistics on trips throughout the world, yet small enough to provide you with the personal attention you deserve. The best of both worlds.

All our programs are designed by the owner of DSO, Kevin Green. Kevin puts his personal touch on all of our trips and guides them himself. At DSO you are not dealing with a large corporation.

We strive to provide you with a better experience at the best possible value…from our home base in Arkansas to famous mountain ranges around the world.

Diamond State Outdoors